Wednesday, November 01, 2006
VIP yoooo~

14 September 2006:Thanks to Dad's credit card, got myself into Ministry of Sound VIP and managed to get Ravin in free as well. Got discount of drinks and heyheyhey, got to meet DANIEL WU in person at the VIP area. I wish this could go on forever!!

And just for those interested, this is how I got to meet Daniel Wu:
I got out of the VIP area with Ravin to look for the rest and as I was passing the bar I saw this really fit guy that looked absolutely like a model walking towards me and I was just looking and salivating until I saw this equally hot modelly girl behind him and I thought to myself, fine, guy taken; but very good looking couple. And then there were just more and more of these hot people passing by and just when I was about to turn around to tell Ravin about all these hot people something caught my eyes - isn't that... isn't that... Daniel Wu?!?!?!?! It was so dark, I wasn't sure. I dragged Ravin all the way to follow them, still in disbelief. More unbelievable was the fact that no one realized that was Daniel Wu. They went into the VIP section. I stopped outside to ask the bouncers if that was Daniel Wu but they bitchyly gave me that smug face as if I was just one of those crazy fans who were trying to 'invade' into the VIP section just to have a glimpse of celebrity. I was like.... I showed them my VIP chop and they let me in. The lighting was still bad and standing 2 metres away from the extremel good-lookers, I was trying to decipher whether that was REALLY Daniel Wu. As I was discussing with Ravin who was enthusiastically coaxing me into talking to the Daniel Wu suspect, the group started to leave. As they walked past, I tapped on the Daniel Wu suspect's shoulder and asked, as stupidly as it sounded, "Are you Daniel Wu?" "Yar." I could feel my eyes lit up. They were in a rush to leave, but I persisted, giving up all my glam and poise and whatsoever dignity I had, "Can I take a photo with you?" By then my fit Daniel Wu was about 2.5 metres away and he was saying this whole chunk of things which under that noise level was impossible to hear. I figured he meant he needed to rush off but hey, I should at least console myself that I tapped on his shoulder, I got to meet him, I talked to him and most importantly, he spoke more than five words to me. And I am not obsessed.

Been practising driving under Dad's guidance. Went up to I forgot what tower in Orchard and found an 'Oasis'. A little "village" in the middle of all the tall buildings in Orchard. Such a view, no? Went to PS to meet Pris, Ravin and Faiz before meeting some others for clubbing at MOS. To be honest, wasn't that up for it. But hey, gotta check out the VIP area before I left Singapore man.. ;)

and Ravin, that was for making you guys wait at Loof on my birthday! ;)

15 October 2006: last Latin Fiesta at Jitterbugs before flying back to London! I think we did a recording of our Rueda.. shall look for it.

17 September 2006: 2nd last day in Singapore so Dad and Mum went great lengths for make sure I tasted good Singapore food before I left. I, under Dad's instructions, drove all the way to Tuas Raffles Marina for lunch and at night, we had chilli and pepper crabs!!! Can you believe that was the first time I had chilli crabs in my 9+ years in Singapore?

And that took me 2 and a half hours!! Well, it wasn't that bad considering I covered half a month already. ;) So yup, I am alive. Thanks to those who still religiously checked on my blog for updates and those random 50 readers a day who stupidly logged on and found nothing new since September. I will try to post more often. Till then, te cuida! xxx

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the waiting-to-go-back slacker life...

Well the only reason why you would be a slacker when you are waiting to go back to wherever you study is cos you can't possibly do any BIG thing when you are left with such a short time. I did miss London a lot, and the friends, and the whole experience with my last year's international friends (half of which have gone back to their home countries already!!! :.( ). But I felt like I had not done enough in Singapore and there was this very empty, unfinished feeling hanging there all the way till I had to go. On the other hand I could not wait to see my new flat heh heh.

8-9 September 2006:

p.s. the Karen Miller Little Black Dress was soooo pretty!! simple and sweet. I wouldn't mind just going there to try without owning it, really. hahaha. Cheap thrill ;)

10 September 2006:

Went to Fidelia's church at Commonwealth with Mum hoping that Father Frans would preach but nay.. :( Lunch with bro at the brand-new Marina Square food court (ok, it's new to me) which was soooo cool!!!! Love the view and the outdoor seats! :) And KP, that's for you. I did wear the shirt eh? Not for church though hahaha nooo..

12 September 2006: Met up with Celene, the Bishan/J8-fanatic for lunch and sat on her car doing crazy things. Cel drove very reluctantly into RJ where I took random photos at random 'JC kids' who now looked so young and kiddy-ish.. Heh.

before we drove off from J8 carpark we were taking so many stupid photos. And it didn't help that Cel parked her car right in front of the escalators down from the shopping mall so literally everyone who walked past either stared or laughed at us. -_-"

13 September 2006: Met up with shiyan my chick flicks partner for The Devil Wears Prada. Yes i know the storyline was quite crap (as if you didn't expect that) but the clothes! We couldn't help gasping...

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more happy things

And I just realized it has been TWO MONTHS since I last properly blogged. Well done!

6 September 2006: Move and Birthday dinner with Justin and receiving the highly anticipated birthday pressie from him and Dominique;). Ladies' Night at Dblo with the international kids. Absolutely fun and crazy night (but hey, every night with them was fun and crazy!). Melinda and Karina were completely obsessed with the fact that I just turned 21 and announced that to everyone we met in the club!!

It's crazy when you give free entry and free drinks to girls. The bar was packed to the brim.

Met so many brit girls there. Some brits you can just tell they are brits...

Met simon, the coolest, gayest (in a positive way) straight guy EVER. How dare you go on holiday when I am back in Singapore in Dec?! We were supposed to go shopping together!!

Max is sick. Max is crazy. Macdonalds was crazy. I wish blogdrive and facebook are linked. ALL the craziest photos are on facebook. :D

7 September 2006: Lunch with Chakhin - almost like a birthday lunch cos I got a treat! I am loving my birthday nowadays cos it is usually right before I am leaving for London so people would meet me and treat me for birthday + farewell. Haha. Chak and I went to meet Sab for dessert. Window shopping and was completely mesmerized by the nice dresses which would have looked so much better if I were skinnier.

Suck in...Suck in......

Baobei birthday dinner at Holland V at night. :)))

At XXX Cafe at Holland V (I forgot the name..) followed by XXX bar for dessert.

And my 4-inch stilettos just ALMOST killed me properly. Ouch. Note to self: never buy shoes from again!

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That Dangerous Step

I know. It has been TOO LONG since I last blogged but I have already explained the VERY difficult situation I was (and still am) stuck in. But just so that when I finally get my internet access at home I would not have too much blogload and also to prove to you that I am really alive and kicking, shall quickly put up some photos :))) I hate it when my blog entries are just about photos sans substance. It sucks that sometimes you have so much in your mind and you just want to blog everything down straight away but you can't. Sometimes I pen my thoughts down but it is not the same anymore when you really sit yourself to revisit those states of mind, trying to write with the same sentiments, the same intensity and the same.. 'oomph'. I am sure people who write blogs/diaries will concur with that.

This year, I made my grand entry into adulthood, legally. I am not a big 'hey it's my birthday,let's throw a party for me!' person but everyone is so up for it (even my Mum was talking about parties, dinners all the time) I felt obliged. Ok this sounds really sad but the exact sentiment was really since everyone who loves me loves me so much and wants to celebrate the occasion with me, I shall make time to arrange something to share this memorable event with the people I love. Had the 'inner circle' dinner with some of the most influential people in my life followed by Loof chill-out session with some girls on the Sunday preceding my birthday and the ONLY reason why I had to put it on a Sunday and risk having half of the people on the invitation list not turning up was because another person whom I terribly treasure was having a farewell on Saturday Night and I was part of the cast for the surprise item. Haha.

2 September 2006: Birthday lunch with Marcus; Comex with Kevin Tan; Farewell BBQ at East Coast for Fifi who was leaving for Nottingham for an exchange year.

There were more photos on Sarah's camera but knowing how our dear Sarah Li takes like a yeare (literally) to send you photos. I shan't count on them. :P

And the baseball bat!!! That was my part 2 present for the dear gf - fooshiyan!!! Look how pro she looks! From years of badminton and softball training... I just look silly like im holding an umbrella.....

3 September 2006: Home Birthday dinner with close friends; Chill-out session at Loof the rooftop bar.

Yes, if you were wondering, that is Mummy's legendary cheesecake!! The food was so good. I am missing it AT THIS VERY MOMENT!! ARGH. Dad went to Comex to get a new camera for me and missed the dinner. Fooshiyan actually OVERSLEPT (why am I not surprised? haha) and came soooo late that we ended up going to Loof an hour late. And the worst thing was that my phone was being temperamental and wouldn't take calls or voicemails. Poor Ravin and Chethan were waiting at Loof for an hour and left after not being able to contact me for a long time! I felt soooo awful afterwards. But the rest of the girlies, thank you so much for coming! :))) Loof was fantastic, gotta go there again!

I love how so many of my friends are driving and we get fetched so often :) I honestly have a lot to brush up for my driving. Bleah.

4 September 2006: Dear Luyi booked me ages ago to meet for our very intensive catching-up session. The reason it's intensive is cos we always have so much to talk about and very often the conversations dwell very deeply in the intellectual and philosophical realm. We like to do it in cafes as well and it doesn't help that the sun DOES drain your energy. Our catching-up session usually takes up the entire day but fortunately Luyi always has everything well planned-out! I love her! :)))) The only downside - she hates my camera. I swear one of these days I am going to get like 10 photos of you and blow them up. H-A-H-A.

Got my new camera and was playing with colour accents and colour swaps and annoying Luyi. But I find that the new Canon Ixus lens' light sensitivity isn't as great as the old cameras. Yes, resolution and function wise they seem better but light sensitivity, the thing that Canon lenses boast the most about, seems to have deteriorated. :(

Since most of my birthday celebration happened before my actual birthday, with all the presents lying in front of me, it was terribly difficult to resist the temptation to open them all. But I persevered till 00.00..

5 September 2006: Opening of presents!; waking up and realizing the Shisha bottle that Boonsie bought me broke overnight :(((; birthday buffet dinner with family.

Thank YOU!!!!! xxx

Buffet Dinner!!Didn't really want it cos you know how you stuff yourself at buffets and knowing I can't afford to put on weight anymore it was simply BAD for me. But Mum really thought wanted to have buffet dinner and didn't regret it! The abalones were so good. Shit, now looking at it I am SOOO hungry. I only had a egg and ham sandwich for lunch just now. And I know I am a bit slow but macroshots are so much fun!! :D

love the last 2 photos. Cool eh? Heh heh heh.

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Monday, October 23, 2006
Hear my breath

I am still alive. Yes I know I haven't blogged for almost two months, and believe me, I am dying from it. (Just wait till I die harder when I try to catch up on the past two months' blog entries *gasp*) But I have proper reasons as to the lack of updates:

1. I wanted to spend more time doing more pressing and constructive things the 2 weeks before I left Singapore so blogging was delayed.

2. I thought I would have all the time in the world when I got back to London before uni started but who knew all the unpacking, furnishing and organising took so long.

3. Who would have thought it so very difficult to get internet connection here - some Internet providers do not serve our area; then the one we had signed up lost our application including our debit card details; then we phoned them up and we got transferred from department to department for more than 8 times PER PHONECALL; then they told us they actually don't serve our area either; then we had to get a BT landline cos every other provider needs you to have an active landline; then they tell us you need at least 5 weeks for everything to be set up. So by the time I will have proper internet at home I would be in Singapore again! (to think I was so happily looking forward to unlimited downloads of music and movies and TV shows and webcam and etc etc... :/)

4. It is just way to stupid to blog in school, editting photos, doing up collages etc. It is already embarrassing enough to be posting and tagging facebook photos in the Medics' library when everyone else around you is studying anatomy and so on and so forth.

5. I am quite behind now what with 3,4 dissection sessions every week so I simply can't afford time to have a proper intellectual-visual-balanced entry, YET.

And there you have it. 5 good reasons why I haven't been blogging but I guarantee you, when it does come, it will be a blast, literally. Watch this space.

Till then, I am well, safe and sound, and fat, and I love you. Peace out.

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Sunday, September 10, 2006
By my side

By Your Side   Sade
You think I'd leave your side baby?
You know me better than that
You think I'd leave you down when you're down on your knees?
I wouldn't do that

I'll do you right when you're wrong
I-----ohhh, ohhh

If only you could see into me

oh, when you're cold
I'll be there to hold you tight to me
When you're on the outside baby and you can't get in
I will show you, you're so much better than you know
When you're lost, when you're alone and you can't get back again
I will find you darling I'll bring you home

If you want to cry
I am here to dry your eyes
and in no time you'll be fine

You think I'd leave your side baby
You know me better than that
You think I'd leave you down when you're down on your kness
I wouldn't do that

I'll do you right when your wrong
I-----I, ohhhh, ohhh

If only you could see into me

Oh when you're cold
I'll be there
To hold you tight to me
Oh when you're alone
I'll be there by your side baby sweet. Why wouldn't anyone sing this to me?

Anyway no, I am still alive. Been jotting down little entries and compiling photos, I am definitely going to return for a full update of the past week and the birthday celebrations. But for now, time is running out and I'd rather spend more time with people I love first than to write about how much I love them.

till then, tchau tchau! xx

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Thursday, September 07, 2006
Got my 'E'..

Well..technically I am cheating cos me and that Egyptian are no more than acquaintance. But till I find a proper 'E' person, that's one down for me! Onto the tedious O and WXYZ!!!!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006
England - the land of ABC

Something really random. Was showering and started thinking about my international friends in London - Suddenly I realized how 'International' the friends I have made are, enough to form a full A-Z list, almost!!
A - Afghanistan
B - Brazil, Belgium
C - Croatia, Canada, Cyprus
D - Denmark
E -
F - France
G - Germany, Greece, Ghana
H - Hong Kong, Hawaii, Hungary
I - India, Indonesia, Iran, Italy, Isreal
J - Japan
K - Kazastan, Korea
L - Lebanon
M - Malaysia, Macau
N - Nigeria
O -
P - PRC, Pakistan, Poland
Q - Qatar
R - Russia
S - Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland
T - Turkey, Thailand, Taiwan
V -
W -
X -
Y -
Z -

Right. So from now on, it will be my life-long goal to find the E, O, V, W, X, Y & Z!!

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Friday, September 01, 2006
every breath you take

I did try to blog more frequently but the last time I was here, after a long long entry, the page was accidentally redirected and everything was gone. Very put off, yes. Another reason why I sometimes have to wait a long time to blog is that I have to wait for photos from other people, especially when recently my camera has reached a new speed. Absolutely s l o w, with the problem definitely lying beyond the fact that I have 600++ photos on the SD card. So great, my dear antique Canon Ixus II has died on me again, with the exact same lens problem. This time I am not going to whip up 200bucks just to fix the lens. No matter how much I loved my dear baby that has gone over mountains and over the seas with me, literally, it's time for a replacement. And right now, I am just dying without a camera. Not only am I a photowhore (and proud of it), I do have a serious thing with photography. I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT A CAMERA. And I hope my Dad gets this message.

Last Saturday was a very activities-packed day, and I loved loved loved it. Had a farewell lunch for dear Brian at Orchard Parade Hotel's old Chico's and Charlie's mexican restaurant which is now under the management of Harry's. Mighty good meeting up with the salsa gang after coming back from Hong Kong! :) Thank you Brian for the treat and all the best in Boston U!May our very cool and useful presents raise you to the top of Frats!! ;)

Part of the Salsa gang...

The Boston boy very gentlemanly drove me and Sherry down to Millenia Walk for Salsa Casino class. I think I must be too full from the food, in the beginning of the class I just couldn't spin properly and Bernard thought I was drunk!! After class and since I kind of wanted to skive all the talks at the SMSL gathering, I decided to very enthusiastically stayed back in the studio to practise, and by the time I reached Novena it was all dark. I didn't think the walk into Chancery Hill Road would be that long!! Poor me, drenched in sweat, and still embarrassingly mistook Sophia's sister for herself. I must have scared her. It was a nice cosy gathering to meet the freshers and for the seniors to meet up, catch up as well. I was not exactly early so didn't get to talk to a lot of freshers. And everytime I tried to engage in a conversation with the freshers, there would be other seniors there and we would subconsciously lapse into our own conversation. It's a bad habit, but well, we all hadn't seen each other for long either!!!

Some of us drove down to Walawala for a drink and it was so crowded! Besides the fact that it was a Saturday night, EPL was on as well. We were lucky enough to have gotten 2 tables within 5 minutes. May I add that Mei is a terrific and prolly terrifying driver as well. You know how woman drivers are always criticized for having too much hesitation on the roads and hence a nuisance and hazard even. Mei, is not that kind of driver at all. Fast and furious, no-shit-no-nonsense-no-hesitation and just STEP ON IT. She races on the road like an arch rival of taxi drivers. But I must say she is good enough to keep us safe all the way to Walas. ;) Hahaha. I think the bartender at Walas was either new or too engrossed by the TV. There was this whole hoo-haa how the Strawberry Margarita has no Margarita, and the Lychee Martinis had the wrong type of alcohol inside. Strange. Mei and I left for Cheekys to meet KP afterwards. And KP actually brought out a concoction of Martell+Greentea in cutesy Evian bottle (which I finished). Yummy!!!

We were joined by Jerome and Ganesh who were already gone by the time they reached. Jerome and KP knew so many people in there! From bartender to DJ to randomers. Anyway it was a crazy crazy night. Even after Mei left and I was stuck with 3 very insane guys, it was a fabulous night! KP and Jerome's last party night in Singapore. We made it good didn't we?

*acting. If only they could add sober on podium.

Sunday, battling hangover, went to meet German Max for lunch. My goooodness! The backpack, the slight American accent and that hilarious raise of eyebrows, totally reminded me of Lukas! I miss that silly neighbour of mine who was definitely a more extreme version of that above. i.e. bringing backpack EVERYWHERE, even to club; strong American accent and ridiculously comical face. It was a good conversation, quite funny at times. Besides German and English, Max knew Spanish and Italian too. So he made us yell out the Spanish he just taught me in the middle of Orchard Road, and we dared each other to try Steven Lim's eyebrow plucking.. :S When we got to Venezia, we both exclaimed really loudly: Gelato Italiano! Madness.

Went for evening mass after that, and it was kind of disappointing again. I tried hard not to be distracted by peripheral things and to focus on the mass, the teachings and the quiet reflection. But the homily was less than inspiring, and I could hardly understand the priest's English. :/ But I still love that deep and quiet feeling, that serenity and purity which echo from the head to the heart, especially after people were gone. I love sitting in the church alone, thinking, reflecting, reminiscing, praying. Next week I am going to Fifi's church and am looking forward to it! :)

Monday went to meet Uncle Chong to get my long-anticipated proper Salsa shoes! It wasn't the colour expected (and it is prolly because of the fact that measurements were taken in the dark!) but I still like them very much. They were actually ready long ago but I was in HK, and when I was back Uncle Chong realized he forgot that my feet were not symmetrical (yes, one more muscular than the other..haha) and insisted on making another pair for me. Talk about professionalism. He said if there's anything wrong/spoiled with the shoes we can always just call him and he would fix them back for free. And this is what I call the old-school-style selling your talents and skills. Uncle said, 'you pay me once, enough money already!' And they weren't even very expensive.

Thanks Da' for introducing me to the world of Uncle Chong! He's so nice!

Spent some time at Gramophone looking at french CDs and musical CDs. Got a Pxxxxxxx Kxxx CD for YOU!! And you will soon know who you are! ;) Rushed home to get dressed for SMSL Singhealth dinner at Marriot. How amazing that I could get dressed, choose my shoes, fix my shoes, put on makeup, sort out clutchbag all in 45 minutes! But the cab-hailing process was horrible. In my pretty dress, high heels and golden clutch bag walking down the street trying to flag a cab down - totally Carrie Bradshaw.

Marriot Poolside Pavilion was fab! And luckily we were blessed with good weather. Met a lot of SMSL people there, had fantastic white wine (and believe me, it was very good!) while mingling, followed by BBQ buffet dinner. We sat under a big white tent, slowly savouring the food prepared by Marriot. They did not take this dinner lightly at all, thanks to the people who organised it! It was interesting talking to some of the profs and doctors about the healthcare system and the direction Singapore is taking. We were also kind of relieved after all the reassurance by Singhealth etc that they do want us back a lot to work in Singapore. At least that's one option, you know? Chok very gentlemanly drove and sent me home. Don't worry dude, you WILL get married. Hahaha. Reminds me of Keat. :P

Tuesday had Pepperlunch with thiam. :) Good catching up, good laughs ;) And I declare thiam a BAD shopping partner. "Buy lor." "Good, buy!" ........... -_-"

My virgin Pepperlunch experience...

Was supposed to go for salsa at union that night but was too lazy. I suck!!! Florrine invited me to the LSE barbecue as well but it's at Pasir Ris..... So TV it was. :)

Wednesday was supposed to be super happening night. Had invitation for Balcony Bar's "Lambrini" launch party (and they had Elizabeth Arden goodiebags to give away!!) but people pangsehed me.. :( I wouldn't actually mind going alone to just drink and mingle especially since it was a Ladies'-Only event, but the weather was horrid and I refused to carry an umbrella out. Ended up not going at all. Tres sad. Mood: -1. Not at all in the mood for night out either, but I got to fulfil my promises. Headed down to Insomnia with Katerina in attempt to find the French boys Benor and Alban but it was full and they didn't let us in. Mood: -2. Bad bad weather. Mood: -3. Kat being sad and me also feeling sad for her. Mood: -4. Body not feeling very well. Mood: -5. So we couldn't find them, until when we were hailing a cab to go to zouk! Down at zouk, we entered via Velvet queue. I know this sounds really villager but it was my FIRST TIME doing that, and FIRST TIME going into Velvet! I was the only one who was not 21 yet but the doorbitch let me in anyway! Because of the bad weather, the whole Zouk was quite empty so I couldn't see the legendary goodlookers in Velvet! We moved to Zouk for drinks and JUST managed to catch the 11-12 1-for-1 deal! Danced at Zouk for a while to satisfy Kat before heading to Phuture. The whole night wasn't that fabulous except for seeing Dom on the dancefloor and getting a free 'blowjob' from her as my birthday treat. No you dirty people, it's just the baileys shot. And I am really ashamed of my French. Everytime Ben and Alban tried to speak French to me, I either could not understand or had to ask them to speak more slowly. WHHHHYYY??? When can I truly converse in French?

Thursday was fooshiyan's birthday!!well done us, we only managed to meet up at 10pm at PS and how impressed we were that we were on time!great improvement, girlfriend! Luckily Cafe Cartel opens till 1145! Though short, it was a sweet rendezvous, with us sitting outdoors people-watching, laughing at ourselves, making fun of the waitors, trying to ask for more and more bread, taking photos, FOOling around being silly. It's our old selves again. And I hope we would not lose that even as we grow up and mature. After Cafe Cartel closed, we made our digesting-stroll to Cathay Cineplex and entertained ourselves with a useful cultural exchange, learning tamil phrases, french swearwords, swedish pickup lines etc from each other. We were so engrossed that we almost walked straight into the glass at the entrace of Cineplex, which was closed by then. After we said goodbye, I JUST managed to jump into the last train before it closed the door behind me. I wonder what those people running after me were to do. Poor things.

Friday i.e. today, finally my body gave way. A simple 'unwell' and 'sore throat' has morphed into coughs, flu and cold. Turned down lunch appointments, tea meetups, stayed home and taught Bro Math and Chem. Horrible I tell you, I have forgotten so much. Which reminds me, my brain is about to really rot if I don't engage in more intellectual activities soon before school starts again. I do miss London a lot and would want to see my friends back there, but nooo.. I don't want school to start proper yet. And I feel like I haven't done much in Singapore, feel so..unfinished and not ready to go yet. And now another dilemma, should I come back in December? Ponders ponders ponders.

JJ Annual Salsa Party at night and I even got ready the dress to go. But, in view of the bigger picture (i.e. a busy Saturday and the upcoming Birthday celebrations), I decided, very very reluctantly, to stay home and nurse my illness. :(((( Well at least I got to blog. Yay. Ha-Ha. :/

Turning 21 is supposed to be a big thing. At least legally from then on you would be entirely responsible for everything you have, everything you do, everything you are. But somehow I don't feel that different, just like turning 18. Perhaps the transition has been pretty gradual, or maybe like they say, as you grow older, that one or two years' difference doesn't make a pinch at all. In fact, I am loving these early-20s age. I feel so matured and empowered, unafraid to face the challenges lying ahead, with arms opened, all ready to embrace my life. (Besides, I am single and available, this is the prime time when a lady is high up on the market!) And then I think whether I am happy. Being positive does not mean you are happy with everything in your life, it's just that certain things, you have learnt, are beyond your control or prediction. So why not just let it be, hope for the best, and make sure every step you walk, you have put in all your heart and soul?

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Friday, August 25, 2006
Putting it all in perspectives

In recent months, my mum has definitely let go of me a lot. Less strictness, more liberty, and most important of all, more trust in me knowing what I am doing. After all, I am turning 21 soon. It is strange how the feeling of yourself grow up is enough to bring tears to a grownup・s eyes. What is it in looking back and realizing you are one step forward, one notch wiser than before, that sends shiver down our spine and gives our heart a weighty, yet subtly, profoundly joyful, feeling? Over the years, I have discovered the essence of growing up, from myself, from people around me. To be able to see the bigger picture in everything; to understand the importance of timing; to stand in another person・s shoes; to be contented and grateful with what you have got. As I grow up, I have learnt to understand myself better, better able to let others understand me, know that I am not the only one growing up and that others are learning their way too, understand others better. Life is a journey. Till the end of that journey, we would still be questioning ourselves so many .why・s.


Anyhow, Mum always needs me to leave a friend・s number before I leave so if she can・t call me she can call her/him. Last night I got a little annoyed and thought she was over-worrying because there are simply not so many .what-if・s in the world. After trying to convince me that anything could happen to me anytime and it is hard for a mother not to worry, she turned the table around and said what if something happened to her and she needed to reach me. Voila. A change of perspective, and I will always leave my friend・s number before I go out each time. How strange it is that sometimes we are just stuck with a certain mindset and think the world revolves around us, and completely miss the others.

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    Still to watch:
  • Le Papillon
  • Cold Mountain
  • Mystic River
  • Supersized Me
  • Clean
  • Alfie
  • Sideways
  • In Good Company
  • A series of unfortunate events
  • The Aviator
  • Mamma Mia!
  • Australia

    If she could travel...
  • Brazil!
  • Provence, France - Lavender fields!
  • Vienna, Austria
  • Prague, Czesc Republic
  • Croatia
  • Krakow, Poland
  • Morocco
  • Athens, Greece
  • Mauritius
  • trans-Siberian!
  • NYC, USA
  • Dublin, Ireland - the mountain where the characters in P.S. I love you met!
  • French Indochina
  • Cuba
  • jerusalem - maybe one day...
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