Entry: Putting it all in perspectives Friday, August 25, 2006

In recent months, my mum has definitely let go of me a lot. Less strictness, more liberty, and most important of all, more trust in me knowing what I am doing. After all, I am turning 21 soon. It is strange how the feeling of yourself grow up is enough to bring tears to a grownup・s eyes. What is it in looking back and realizing you are one step forward, one notch wiser than before, that sends shiver down our spine and gives our heart a weighty, yet subtly, profoundly joyful, feeling? Over the years, I have discovered the essence of growing up, from myself, from people around me. To be able to see the bigger picture in everything; to understand the importance of timing; to stand in another person・s shoes; to be contented and grateful with what you have got. As I grow up, I have learnt to understand myself better, better able to let others understand me, know that I am not the only one growing up and that others are learning their way too, understand others better. Life is a journey. Till the end of that journey, we would still be questioning ourselves so many .why・s.


Anyhow, Mum always needs me to leave a friend・s number before I leave so if she can・t call me she can call her/him. Last night I got a little annoyed and thought she was over-worrying because there are simply not so many .what-if・s in the world. After trying to convince me that anything could happen to me anytime and it is hard for a mother not to worry, she turned the table around and said what if something happened to her and she needed to reach me. Voila. A change of perspective, and I will always leave my friend・s number before I go out each time. How strange it is that sometimes we are just stuck with a certain mindset and think the world revolves around us, and completely miss the others.


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