Entry: the waiting-to-go-back slacker life... Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Well the only reason why you would be a slacker when you are waiting to go back to wherever you study is cos you can't possibly do any BIG thing when you are left with such a short time. I did miss London a lot, and the friends, and the whole experience with my last year's international friends (half of which have gone back to their home countries already!!! :.( ). But I felt like I had not done enough in Singapore and there was this very empty, unfinished feeling hanging there all the way till I had to go. On the other hand I could not wait to see my new flat heh heh.

8-9 September 2006:

p.s. the Karen Miller Little Black Dress was soooo pretty!! simple and sweet. I wouldn't mind just going there to try without owning it, really. hahaha. Cheap thrill ;)

10 September 2006:

Went to Fidelia's church at Commonwealth with Mum hoping that Father Frans would preach but nay.. :( Lunch with bro at the brand-new Marina Square food court (ok, it's new to me) which was soooo cool!!!! Love the view and the outdoor seats! :) And KP, that's for you. I did wear the shirt eh? Not for church though hahaha nooo..

12 September 2006: Met up with Celene, the Bishan/J8-fanatic for lunch and sat on her car doing crazy things. Cel drove very reluctantly into RJ where I took random photos at random 'JC kids' who now looked so young and kiddy-ish.. Heh.

before we drove off from J8 carpark we were taking so many stupid photos. And it didn't help that Cel parked her car right in front of the escalators down from the shopping mall so literally everyone who walked past either stared or laughed at us. -_-"

13 September 2006: Met up with shiyan my chick flicks partner for The Devil Wears Prada. Yes i know the storyline was quite crap (as if you didn't expect that) but the clothes! We couldn't help gasping...


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